Saturday, August 30, 2014

Through the Glass

“Where my feet will take me I know not,
 But I know of the bliss in the journey,
Through the darkest night to the brightest dawn,
All I can do is put one foot in front of the other.”

I love taking road trips. This might surprise some people because I have a large family and we trek across the country in a slightly embarrassing fifteen passenger van with a trailer. Nevertheless, feeling the rumble of the road and watching the miles go by are some of my favorite things.

Usually I’ll put on some John Mayer…

I love John Mayer, like a lot! He has a super smooth voice (think butter) and is an excellent guitarist, plus he’s easy on the eyes. He is probably my favorite musical artist. His albums have become sequentially more country, which typically I don’t like (county that is), but his last album was surprisingly my favorite. On a side note, “Paradise Valley” (his last album) was titled about the place where he lives which happens to be only an hour from here!  Favorite songs currently:

     ·        Wildfire
     ·         Dear Marie

After I put on the John Mayer I'll either read or write poetry (Like the above poem) or just gaze out the window. Sometimes I really want to get things done, but can't because I'm too transfixed by the loveliness on the other side of the glass. I could take a million pictures but none could encompass the beauty I’ve seen through my window.

“Oh what are men compared to rocks and mountains”
                                             –Jane Austen

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