Monday, January 6, 2014

How I'm Going to Keep up My Resolutions:

1. Apps – I love apps (I seriously have an app addiction!)  and I've found they really help me to stay on track of my goals and stick to them. My three favorite productivity apps are:

– A community of people all trying to make and break habits – lift helps me to be accountable.

– My favorite to do list app – is simple but stylish; especially if you purchase the extend feature for different themes, fonts and other premium options.

– I was reluctant to try Canary out at first, because it doesn't have iCal sync (they are working on that); but I love the formatting and customization options so much I decided to switch from my previous favorite – Cal.

2. Printables - other than apps, write-on calendars and other organizational printables is a good way to keep focused. 

– I really love this one, it's a little bit odd because it starts on a Monday; but nevertheless it's my favorite I've found so far.

– This is where I put my more detailed to-dos and appointments.

- I write down the thing I want to accomplish most on this each day.

3. Work and determination
• It's easy to plan with fancy apps and calendars, but no matter how much you glam it up it’s still work. What it comes down to is determination – for which I'm striving to possess.



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