Monday, September 2, 2013

The (notable) Books I Read This Summer:

Sorry for the long absence! These are the best of the many books i read over the summer:
·        This is a Sherlock Holmes Spin-off by Laurie R. King, about the friendship and eventual partnership between him and Mary Russell, a young genius. My favorite part was the quick-witted banter between Mary and Sherlock.
   2.    Life of Pi
·        This was a very interesting book. I dont quite know what to make of it, but it was quite intriguing. Pi Patel believes in Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism; which put an interesting spin on things. It is the perfect story for adventure fanatics.  

   3.   All The Harry Potters
·        I recently jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon; I was skeptical at first but thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Im sure youve heard before, this is a really good series nuff said.
And to anyone who hasnt read The Fault in Our Stars, I finished it a  while ago and it was truly unforgettable, not to mention emotionally  shattering.



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